Saturday, August 1, 2009

Welcome to Tel Aviv

Hey All,

I've arrived in Tel Aviv.  The plane ride was 10+ hrs, and went without a hitch.  Customs and the passport authority were no problem, and my aunt Debby's best friend, Sandy Ashri met me at the baggage claim.  I practiced my Hebrew and bought a 1/2 watermelon (avatiakh).

The best cure for jet lag, I've found, is to sleep for 14 hours in a row.  I conked out at 10 last night, and woke up at noon today.

Started my first full day in Israel with some "jachnun,"  a typical Yemenite breakfast that Sandy's neighbor made. It's a simple flour and water dough rolled up into cylinders and baked in a ton of margarine! Really good but really heavy! Sandy drove us straight into Tel Aviv, it took 15 minutes because on Shabbat there's no traffic coming from Petakh Tikva (the suburb of Tel Aviv where she lives). She found an amazing parking spot a block from the beach and then we went straight to the shore, and relaxed for 1.5 hours, people watched, went into the ocean - I put on lots of sunscreen and the sea's kinda like bathwater, but it was very nice.  Then we saw Galia, Sandy's daughter, who works w/ an ad. agency in Tel Aviv.  Went to this salad place for lunch, had great salads, then ice cream, then back home.  After a shower, a nap, cleaning up, and trying to reconnect Sandy's DVD player, it's quarter after 9 pm here, and we'll sit down to dinner in a while.   Petakh Tikva's pretty quiet, even on a Saturday, but I'll head out later to check the scene.

It's been a good first day!

Hope all's well w/ all of you. 


  1. sounds like a wonderful start to a huge adventure. can just imagine how fantastic it must have been at the beach. guess it doesn't matter where in the world the dyme boys are, the host families eagerly appreciate all technological assistance....Jer will help us with our DVD and was showing Dad how to scan photos...i missed the lesson but will have a make up before he leaves on Tues. we will have dinner with Burt an Marlene while he is with Tamra and Ron et al....then we will go in for the wedding tomorrow.
    send our love
    keep hugs and kisses for yourself

  2. Hey there Ben! Glad you had a good trip and are able to rest and have some good food! Please stay safe, I just read about some shootings in Tel Aviv and I got worried! I'm sure you'll be fine but you know. Have lots of fun! :o)

  3. Hi Ben!

    I am absolutely desolate in Chemistry without you! Hope you're having some nice chocolate in Tel Aviv. Be safe and have fun!

    Miss you!


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