Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The rest of the day yesterday was really enjoyable.  The Shuk HaCarmel (Carmel Market) was packed with clothing, fruit, meat, spices, junk, cds, dvds, art and more.  From there I took the bus to Bar Ilan University to meet Sandy, and the trip that was supposed to be 40 mins with a transfer took 1.5 hours.  I'll get there earlier and meet with the students tomorrow, but yesterday I got there just in time to hop in the car and head to Herzliya for the Beatles cover group concert by a group called the "Magical Mystery Tour."  It was a really enjoyable show, and the audience was a surprisingly mixed demographic.  From there Sandy and I went to Tel Aviv to sit by the ocean and have a beer and then back home to crash at 3 am.

Today I'll head into Tel Aviv in the afternoon,  and meet up with Galia and friends in the evening.  More on that later.

Here are some pictures of yesterday:

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  1. Ben,
    Sounds exciting! Glad you can get to the beach, too.
    Keep us posted.
    Take care,


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