Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jaffa and Jerusalem

It's been a hectic and fun week.  I have an interview scheduled in 2 hours, and want to catch up w/ my blogging.

Last Wed., and Thu. I spent some more time in Tel Aviv just enjoying the sites.  Also, as I couldn't keep up with my interviewees typing, I bought a dictaphone and some tapes, and recorded an interview on Thu. night.  Fri, I took the bus with all my stuff down to Oded and Alon-Lee's place, friends from the demonstrations, and spent the weekend hanging out, going to the beach, and interviewed them as well.  

Sun., I took the bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, about an hour long trip.  The bus was packed, and these obnoxious kids behind me kept shouting and singing which I didn't mind too much as it gave me a chance to listen in on some Hebrew, but many of the other passengers were less than pleased.  I got help from people on the street and on the bus in finding my next couch-surfing (CSing) destination, and have been here for 3 nights now.  Most likely, I'll stay tonight too before heading up to Haifa.  

On Mon. I met up with Michael, a CSer from England who overlapped with me for a night at Niros's, where I was staying in Tel Aviv.  We rendezvoused at the central bus station, which seems almost as big as the Port Authority in NYC, or 30th St. Station in Phila.  From there we toured the Old City.  My Hebrew helped us out somewhat, but his sense of direction was of more use, as the Old City is a complete maze, and many of the vendors in the little stalls there speak English.

Attaching some more pics.  

Michael and me with the Western Wall in the background Mon. night.

Monday approaching the Old City.  Dome of the Rock in the distance.

Oded and Alon-Lee Sat. Aug 15 at the beach in Tel Aviv / Yafo

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  1. Coach surfing through israel.... glad that so far everyone is cool. Hope it continues..


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